Zoé Bosch becomes Ducati Owners Group ambassador


The Ducati Owners Group of South Africa (DOCSA) has appointed Zoé Bosch as their new ambassador. The goal of this new appointment is to encourage more lady riders to join the ranks of happy DOCSA members and even host DOCSA events for ladies only. This includes DOCSA lady rides and even DOCSA lady track days.

Ducati Zoe Bosch owners group south africa ambassador

New ambassador Zoé Bosch as the DOCSA Val Hotel Breakfast Run earlier this year.

This is good news for the legions of ladies that ride Ducatis, but feel that sharing a road with a horde of leather-clad men is a touch intimidating.

“We asked Zoe to be the Ambassador for us on this initiative which is going to be focused on safe riding, and tailoring the lady’s rides to suit the needs and requests from our lady riders,” said Jonathan Isherwood, the president of DOCSA. “Our aim is to use this initiative to structure future rides where we will have two groups, one for slower riders and one for faster riders with the ride destination being the same.”

Bosch has a quite a history with motorcycles and Ducatis in particular. She has been racing for more than ten years, including a Ducati 999 in the Red Star Endurance Series, and is currently a star rider in the illustrious Monroe Racing Team that competes in championships both in the South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Her love of Ducati stemmed from her mother, who rode both a 999 and a Monster S4RS which she still owns and rides regularly today. During the week, Bosch works on completing her honours degree in Strategic Management.

“As an ambassador, I will be heading up the initiative to get the lady Ducati owners out and together for breakfast runs. I know there’s a few of you ladies out there and this will be the chance for you to go out on breakfast runs too without having to worry about the boys. A day out for the ladies! It sounds incredible already.”

Ducati Zoe Bosch owners group south africa ambassador Monroe racing

Zoé Bosch on the Monroe Racing ZX-6R in Harare.

She is not new to the ambassador role, as her new duties at DOCSA accompany her already established position as an ambassador for Monroe Shocks: “A global brand such as Monroe is all about safety and expressing the safety features it entails when fitting new shock absorbers to vehicles. My duties with Monroe therefore entail promoting safety awareness in all aspects of driving. Promoting the brand on social media, addressing different dealerships on the importance on fitting Monroe shock absorbers and just ensuring good visual presence on myself and any vehicles that I ride or drive.”

Contacts for Zoé, DOCSA and Ducati SA:
Zoe Bosch 81 Facebook page: www.facebook.com/81ZoeBosch/
Web: www.ducati.co.za
Tel: 011 919 1600


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