Video review: The thunder of a KTM RC8 with a Super Duke motor


The ladies and gents of RAD Moto have never been idle when it comes to race bikes – they have a big impact in the mini motocross series, they introduced the KTM RC390 to the South African racing scene and the two big chiefs in the shop, Dave Griffin and Shaun Jubber, are both serious racers, even having won the odd title or two.

This machine is the brainchild of Shaun Jubber who asked the utterly important question – what if we put a Super Duke motor into an RC8 chassis? This is an interesting concept, given that KTM stopped producing the RC8 superbike, and superbikes in general, a few years ago and have instead thrown all their efforts into the truly bonkers KTM Super Duke and the equally unruly KTM Super Adventure 1290 that won last year’s Pirelli Bike of the Year.

While these machines have won many a heart, we have to wonder what would’ve happened had KTM carried on developing the RC8. Would we now have the RC12? We will never know what the factory would have done, but with this bit of masterful engineering from RAD, we can get some sort of idea. Turn the volume up.

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