Video review: Lady racer on a Kawasaki Ninja 400


The Kawasaki Ninja 400 is causing some waves in the now inaccurately named “300 class”. Firstly is gets a major boost in capacity, breaking the not yet decided rules of this still-finding-its-feet class, going from the previous 300cc to a 399cc parallel twin. This, of course, means more power and more torque.

That’s not the amazing part. Normally, more capacity, power and torque require bigger chunks of metal to manage the extra forces, resulting in a heavier and more rotund motorcycle. Yet, through the art of sorcery, the new Ninja 400 is both lighter and more compact than its 300 predecessor. And the price stays the same.

This is all very annoying for anyone that has bought the Ninja 400’s opposition. Especially when you are a macho young guy and the opposition is a lady that looks better in leathers than you do. For this video, The Bike Show TV employed the services of lady racer Zoé Bosch, who not only looks much better in leathers than Mat, Harry and Donovan but seems somewhat handier on the track. She has been racing since she was 12, and currently competes in the Lady Class of the Short Circuit Series and races a Kawasaki ZX-6R in the Extreme Festival.

In this video, Lady Zoé puts the Ninja 400 through its paces at Red Star Raceway. There has already been a full written review of this bike on The Bike Show Website and you can read it here. Or look below for a video of a fast lady riding a new class leader quickly around a difficult race track:

For more information, see the Kawasaki South Africa website here.

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