Video: Enduro rider survives fall off cliff


Enduro rider cliff Feature

The below video is of enduro rider Rick Hogge who was climbing the Schofield Pass in Colorado, USA. The pass is in the Elk Mountains and ascends to a height of 3,263 metres with access for only professional drivers in 4x4s or off-road motorcycles.

The pass is also no doddle as, apart from rocky steps, much of it is lined by a sheer drop-off into the river below. So far, the Schofield Pass has claimed 12 lives.

Hogge was on his KTM 300 XCW TPI climbing a particularly tricky section. “As can be seen, I chose a riding line on the left as I thought it looked easier. I wasn’t going quick enough and the front tire got kicked to the left which caused my throttle hand to twist and … well .. you saw the rest.”

He fell off the side of the cliff into the river below, and was miraculously uninjured. “First I grabbed for anything to slow me down; check out the shadows. No, time didn’t stand still or slow down. I thought of my kids, called out to God and fell perfectly into the water. Once I surfaced, I thought I was going to drown but thankfully the edge was close by and I was able to gather myself, take a deep breath and patiently wait for help.”

Some 15 minutes later he managed to climb out of the ravine. His bike was later retrieved by a rescue team.

Herewith the video: