Video: The Ducati Panigale V4 build-up, review and crash explanation



A few weeks ago, Donovan went over to Spain to ride the new Ducati Panigale V4 and did a write up for The Bike Show. Everything went extremely well. Well, mostly extremely well…

He also joined Mat and Harry for an uninterrupted chat about the many virtues, technological marvels and wonders of Ducati’s new masterpiece. Of course, despite working with Mat and Harry for five years, he still thought he’d be given the floor.

Below is part one, followed by directly by part two, of The Bike Show TV’s coverage of the new V4. Part one is mostly a build-up to Ducati’s new V4 configuration, their journey through the different models, and their V-twin racing story that comes to an end with the introduction of the V4.

Part two entails Donovan’s thoughts, some technical details, why Ducati took the brave choice to launch their new 214hp machine at a tight and twisty circuit like Valencia and, of course, an explanation to the now infamous crash. Enjoy:

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