Video: BMW GS rider stops smash and grab in Alexandra


This video is doing the rounds throughout mainstream media, mostly penning headlines such as “Biker foils smash and grab” and “good samaritan biker stops smash and grab” but we are a biking website, and are wise enough to spot the two cylinders poking out the side of the bike and specify that this motorcyclist was a GS rider.

BMW GS rider foils smash and grab

Those cylinders certainly helped Anton Damhuis who foiled the attempts of a miscreant as he was smashing and grabbing a laptop from a passing motorist on the corner of London Road and 13th Avenue in Alexandra.

The man was on the passenger side of the car, reaching in and grabbing a laptop bag when Damhuis slammed him into the car with the assistance of his cylinders, and after a short chase, the laptop was dropped and retrieved, with the somewhat stunned looking motorist retaking possession.

Most mainstream are hailing Damhuis as a good samaritan and a brave biker, but we all already know that motorcyclists are both good people and brave. We thank Anton Damhuis wholeheartedly for helping show the world.

See the video below: