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Vents Brull is a Cape based designer t-shirt company, and you might recognise their handy work as they are the people who were tasked with making the three Bike Show presenters look good, including Mat and Donovan, something that was not an easy task and is an ongoing project. Thankfully they also have Harry, the show’s designated fashion expert, to show exactly how good the shirts are supposed to look. We have previously posted his story about Vents Brull and, for your convenience, we’ve reposted it below this story.

Now you can own your own designer Vents Brull shirt. All you need to do is go onto their Facebook or Instagram page, like one of the designs they have posted there, and we could read your name out on the TV show to receive a free shirt. See the links to their social media pages below:
Instagram   ( @ventsbrull )

Herewith Harry’s story:

I get quite a few emails complimenting me on my choice of t-shirts worn on the show and asking where I get them. Now all can be told.

The problem for us is that we can’t really wear motorcycle-brand t-shirts because it might be construed that we are biased to that particular manufacturer, no matter that the shirts might be really cool. So, generic motorcycling t-shirts are where we are at and, thanks to Vents Brull, I can indulge my passion for them.

Based in Cape Town, Vents Brull has their tees manufactured in Mauritius and shipped to Cape Town for printing. The company uses imported discharge inks with a European Eco Passport which allows a soft ‘handle’ that becomes part of the fabric and can be ironed and is not plastic.

That all sounds a bit technical but what it actually means is that the tees can be washed and ironed many times and still retain their looks and fit. I’ve had some of their shirts for years and they still look good.

There are plenty of designs to choose from so you can find something that you like; I’m not a fan of some of their tees but absolutely love others so they definitely have something for everyone. Their range comprises car and bike designs and new designs are introduced all the time so keep on looking if you don’t find something you like.

There really aren’t that many companies making cool tees at the moment so it’s refreshing to find one like Vents Brull that is doing something for the motorcycling community.

You can find their tees at Big Blue shops around the country, as well as on and Vents Brull’s own website; Go and have a look; you won’t be disappointed. Priced around R295.00.

You can follow them on social here:
Gallery – Click to enlarge:
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