Rossi Crashes; Could Be Out For Weeks


Story: Harry Fisher

Are you kidding me? What is wrong with this guy? He did it earlier this year and now he’s done it again; gone and crashed whist horsing around on an enduro bike; in all likelihood, putting paid to his 2017 season, or at the very least, his challenge for the title.

What a monumental plonker. Don’t see too many of the other title contenders throwing themselves at the scenery between races. How does Rossi continue to get away with it? If I was in charge at Yamaha, I’d be completely livid; you’ve jeopardised a whole championship – a whole year of ridiculously hard work by dozens of people in the team – just because you wanted to go and play around with your mates.

Whatever the rights and wrongs, Rossi has suffered displaced fractures of his tibia and fibula in the right leg. He fractured the same tibia in 2010 when he crashed in practice for the Mugello round of that year’s championship and was out of racing for six weeks.

Of course, there is always the chance that the surgery will be completely successful and that Rossi will bounce back to ride at the next race but, given that that is a bare week away, it’s not looking likely and that, as the saying goes, is that in terms of the championship. Even if he can race in Misano, you would have to think that he won’t be able to ride at 100% and challenge the leaders.

So, we will have to wait for news from the hospital following the surgery. Meanwhile, the MotoGP circus will have to continue without him and that makes it all the poorer for us, the fans.

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