Triumph Bobber Black and

Speedmaster Revealed


Story: Harry Fisher

Ever the master of stirring the pot, Triumph has done it again and revealed the Bobber Black and new Speedmaster. While this might not be of immediate interest to us in SA, given Triumph’s current status here, we have to believe that a new importer will be appointed and that these bikes will be available in due course.

Triumph Bobber BlackSo, let me start again. Triumph has revealed two new variants on the Bobber/Bonneville platform; the Bobber Black and the Speedmaster.

Not too difficult to work out what they’ve done to make the Bobber Black; they’ve put it in the spray booth with a bloke with a large can of matte black paint and told him to have at it! There’s also a 16-inch front wheel with a fatter tyre and fitted with twin discs. It gets feet-forward controls and an LED headlight and cruise control.

The Speedmaster is the resurrection of a previous model that was always the ugly duckling of the range, as far as I’m concerned. Now, it is basically a Bobber with a pillion seat, grab rail, revised suspension, twin discs and cruise control and looks a lot better than its predecessor.

You might have to wait a while to see them in SA but hopefully by next year the importer situation will have sorted itself out and Triumphs will be available once again.

See the gallery below. Click on image to enlarge: