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Triumph South Africa has announced their latest stock of Approved Pre-owned motorcycles. The capital “A” and “P” (many scholars argue that the “o” should be capital also, but we are maintaining our literary ground on this) are justified because they have been through the approval system of the official Triumph importer that is now fully up and running in their new premises and showroom in South Road, Sandton.

What is interesting about this stock is that they are all two years-old and less, meaning they are quite new. More so, they are all subject to the supposed de-valuing that took place last year when the previous importer announced stock clearing, selling off brand new bikes at prices less than most good pre-owned units. This obviously had a drastic effect on the price of Triumph pre-owned motorcycles (and, as a knock on effect, of many other non-Triumph units) at the time much to the dismay of many Triumph owners, with many suggesting that their value would not recover.

It seems that they were wrong, and said devaluation is now a thing of the past now that the new importer is trading and new Triumph motorcycles are now a reality in South Africa. In fact, some people that took advantage of the clearance sale are now even selling their bikes at a healthy profit.

See the below advert for their current stock of pre-owned motorcycles. Below that is a gallery of the motorcycles in the ad if you wish to take a closer look at them.

Triumph South Africa contact details:
Tel: +27 11 444 4441

Triumph Pre-Owned Bikes


Triumph Pre-owned Gallery – Click to enlarge:

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