The next step: KTM unveils 890 Adventure R and Adventure R Rally


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KTM seems to be en route to offering 300 different variations of adventure motorcycles, the latest being the 890 version of the Adventure R and Adventure R Rally. That means they now have the two 890s, the 790 Adventure, Adventure R and Adventure R Rally, the 1290 Super Adventure S and R, the 390 Adventure, the 690 Enduro R and if your wallet is weighing you down, the 450 Rally Replica. We are not complaining, just making observations.

Like the Duke models, the 890 Adventures run similarly to the 790s except with a little bit more oomph. The looks and chassis designs seem mostly the same as the younger siblings, although with unique graphics. They appear to have the same side-mounted fuel tanks, high mud-guards, upward-swept exhausts and signature dual-headlights.


The main difference is in the meat – in this case the piston meat with the parallel-twin motor of the 890 throwing in an extra 90cc of combustion to muscle out 105 hp and 100 Nm of torque, a steady 10 hp and 12 Nm more than its smaller kin. The rotating mass has been increased by 20% that should create better punch at lower revs and better traction at the rear wheel. While perhaps losing a smidgen of agility, it will gain stability, a more coveted trait by adventure enthusiasts who prefer their motorcycle to go where they point it. 

Other touch-ups include overhauled ABS software and new traction control algorithms, a reinforced clutch, faster gear changes, a cruise control option, an aluminium steering head tube and lighter subframe, and reworked brakes.

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There will be no base model 890 Adventure, like in the 790 line-up. Instead, KTM is offering an Adventure R model akin to the 790 Adventure R with top-shelf WP XPLOR forks and an XACT PDS rear shock, both with 240 mm of travel, and 21/18-inch spoked wheels. 

Then, to further tempt the adventure spirit, KTM is also offering a Rally version that will be limited to just 700 units. Beefier upgrades include WP EXPLOR Pro suspension, a 35% lighter Akrapovic exhaust, a straight racing seat with 910 mm height, a Rally mode with the Quickshifter+ option, narrow anodised rims with tubes, clear screen winglets, racing colours, carbon-fibre tank protectors and rally footrests.

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The KTM 890 Adventure models will be arriving in dealers from November 2020. Price is still to be confirmed.


KTM 890 Adventure R and 890 Adventure R Rally gallery – click to enlarge: