Everyone loves the Katana. Fathers drift off wistfully to the early Eighties when, if you straddled The Sword, you were a god among men. Children of Katana dreamers have heard every romantic tale about this legendary machine, so the sight of one automatically sets every happy gland on overdrive.

2022 Suzuki Katana 6

Everyone loves the Katana, even the new one that is more of a tribute than a revival. The original Katana was the contemporary epitome of speed and performance. The modern one is a nice bike that looks like the original.

And, yet, everyone loves the Katana. The modern go at it is nothing more than a GSX-S1000S with a fancy wardrobe. And yet, we love it. The Suzuki GSX-S1000S is a great motorcycle – combine enough sporting credentials with a generous dollop of touring goodness, and you have a marvellous all-rounder.

And now you have a marvellous all-rounder that looks cool and, therefore, feels cool. Everyone loves the Katana.

And now it’s slightly cooler.

2022 Suzuki Katana 5

Essentially, what Suzuki has done, is dressed the newer GSX-S1000 in its cool clothes. The motor, still based on that from the hardy 2005 GSX-R1000, has received a new airbox, camshafts, valve springs and exhaust. All this increases the midrange substantially and chucks another three horsepower on the peak of the dyno graph, bringing the tally up to 150hp.

The new model also gets a ride-by-wire throttle meaning a host of electronics and improved throttle feel.

There are two new colour schemes – dark matt blue and dark grey. Both are simply fabulous.

Price and availability are yet to be determined.

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