The Suzuki DL250 V-Strom is coming to SA


This seems to be the next big thing – smaller, lighter adventure bikes that can make sales from India to California, from Britain to Indonesia, and the offerings so far have been varied – Kawasaki has their twin 300 Versys-X based on their 300R sportbike platform, Honda has the extremely off-roady CRF250L Rally and BMW has now released their much anticipated (and somewhat controversial) G310 GS.

And now Suzuki is charging into the thick of the fray with their DL250 V-Strom. This model first saw the light of day at the EICMA Show in 2016 and has been on sale in much of the world since last year, and soon it will grace showroom floors of South Africa.

Suzuki DL250 V-Strom

The mini DL follows very much the same philosophy as its 650 and 1000 older siblings, opting for dependability and usability rather than flat out performance. The motor is straight out of the GSX250R road bike – a 248cc liquid-cooled single cylinder that churns out 25hp.

This is not a huge number of ponies, especially when compared to the 34hp of the GS and the 39hp of the Versys-X. In fact, it puts in the same pool as the more off-road capable CRF250 Rally, but where the Honda tops the price charts at R86,000, the DL is expected to leave showrooms for the less hefty sum of R72,000 making it the most affordable in its class.

There’s more going in its favour too – the seat height is just 800mm, meaning the floor will never be more than half a knee’s stretch away. This, combined with a tiny chassis and a kerb weight of 188 kg, will certainly mean a huge amount of manoeuvrability and control, something many a rider covets more than huge suspension travel and horsepower.

Suzuki DL250 V-Strom Front

Overseas reports say the clutch action is extremely light, so both commuting and rough patches of off-road can be handled with less effort. The 17.3L fuel tank is steel and can therefore accommodate a magnetic tank bag. The subframe comes standard with  aluminium carry racks that make carrying luggage and fitting aftermarket panniers a doddle.

There are no electronics to speak of, except for the obligatory ABS and digital dash, which is the class norm.

Suzuki DL250 V-Strom dash

The exact date that the DL250 V-Strom will go on sale is up to our government officials. Suzuki SA have applied for homologation, and this, depending on the official and the department, can take anything from a few days to a good few months.

We shall wait and see.


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