According to the Association of Motorcycle Importers and Distributors (AMID), South Africa saw a sharp growth in motorcycle sales in 2021, ending the year with 26,148 new units sold, 26.7% up compared to 2020, and more significantly, 25% up on 2019 when COVID-19 had not yet been invented.

Most segments showed improvements with the biggest mover being the commercial segment now that the demand for deliveries has soared creating a demand for small, rugged motorcycles.

The biggest drop came from the 250cc-500cc leisure segment, hosting marvellous machines like the Kawasaki Ninja 400, the Yamaha MT-03, the BMW G310 and KTM 390s, that saw a massive decline of 36%. Much of this dip is credited to the perception that these motorcycles are expensive compared to similar alternatives. Also, most youngsters are broke.

The quad/SxS segment experienced laudable growth even with stock shortages.

At the time of the press release, the final numbers for used motorcycles were not yet available, but it is believed to have grown by as much 20% over 2020 but just 2% more than 2019, meaning this market is roughly back to where it was pre-Plague.

All this is good news for motorcycling, an industry that was expected to see huge declines in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact. It seems that most people agree that the best way to follow health experts’ advice – get outdoors with good ventilation – is to ride a motorcycle.

May 2022 be an even greater year.