Simon Fourie to sell his famous classic bike collection

Show day: Sunday July 8, Hartbeespoort Resort


Simon Fourie, the unfortunate father of The Bike Show’s Donovan Fourie, has a collection of classic motorcycles that has moved from myth to legend. Fourie, who’s famous antics include the man behind Bike SA Magazine and his record run from Durban to Johannesburg in less than three hours, has been collecting classic motorcycles since the early 80s, mostly Japanese bikes from between 1960 and 1970, but there are a good few from the 70s, including original Goldwings, an original two-stroke 750 Kawasaki H2, a Suzuki Water Buffalo and a CBX six cylinder.

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Until this point, he has been vehemently against selling any of his collection, despite offers and pleading from various people finding their childhood hero but, at the age of 74 years-old, he has had a change of heart. His explanation is that he could never in his lifetime restore all the bikes he has and son Donovan thinks a 2004 Kawasaki ZX10 is where the classic label starts.

“There are around 200 bikes in various stages of repair, from concours to nearly scrap”, he says. “Models are mostly Japanese from 1960 to 1970 but there are also lesser makes like Kreidler, BMW… “

Lesser makes? “Ooh, I can feel the collective howls of protest,” he said. “And will desist.”

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The full list of bikes available will be posted on The Bike Show Website soon.

There will be an open show day on Sunday 8 July at the Hartbeespoort Holiday Resort, the same venue that hosts the Impala Rally, the Pretoria Toy Run and will be hosting the Rhino Rally this year. The venue has a restaurant, a bar, swimming pools and big slide, plus a heated pool. There is also accommodation ranging from camping to luxury flats for anyone wanting to make a weekend of it.

For queries about the show day, email here.

Simon Fourie Classic Collection Gallery – Click to enlarge:


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