Product review: Shark D-Skwal

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The Shark D-Skwal is a Shark helmet designed for road use. Aerodynamic research has resulted in a new shell shape with a spoiler that is designed to provide maximum stability at speed.
Ventilation has also been much improved over the previous generation, a positive enhancement in a country that gets as hot as South Africa.
A new ‘Autoseal’ system is used to ensure an even better barrier against the cold or moisture, helping long-distance comfort and safety – less leaking in a downpour means a smaller chance of misting.
The extra effort that has gone into this aspect has the added benefit of reducing wind noise, which can be an irritant if the visor doesn’t close properly.
Price: R3,500
From: All good accessories stores / Langston Racing

Win this Shark helmet

You can win this helmet if you click here and like the Shark South Africa Facebook page. Shark will pick one of those likes in two weeks’ time, then you can choose your colour and size.
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