Rodeo Drive Tyre Service: fast tyres service for all makes of motorcycles


Let’s not beat around the bush here, Rodeo Drive is pretty much the Ducati dealer situated in Randburg, although this tyre service department is operating under a separate flag, but in the same premises. Rodeo Drive Tyre Service offers the full range of Pirelli tyres for all types and makes of motorcycles. They have their own dedicated area of the workshop with full time staff doing nothing but fitting tyres.

We believe that this business will be successful based on the experience of the director of both Ducati SA and Rodeo Drive Johnny Araujo who, in a previous life, managed an Autoquip dealer for many years doing exactly this service for the hugely demanding car industry, and is therefore well versed in this sort of thing.

Manning the front desk at Rodeo Drive is the ever smiling Wayne Van Weenhuyzen who also manages the spares department of Ducati SA. He can be found at the service entrance of the Ducati shop. There is also the obligatory free coffee on offer downstairs in the Ducati showroom.

Address: 174 Bram Fischer Drive, Randburg
Tel: 011 919 1600

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