Rim & Rubber’s new Monster Burger Challenge


Rim & Rubber, the popular motorcycle bar, restaurant and custom workshop venue in The Buzz Shopping Centre (the most commonly understood directions are: “just next door to Hooters” although most men tend to pretend that they have no idea where that is especially when wives and girlfriends are present) in Fourways, has introduced a new Monster Burger Challenge.

The idea is that you order a 400g burger with chips and a pint of beer, and then undertake the task of consuming all of said edibles in as fast a time as you can. R&R then keeps a leader board and should you beat the top time, the meal is for free.

Obviously, when R&R first announced this challenge last week, there was a mild rush to be the first to undertake it as that would automatically mean a free meal. The first time set was 34 mins, a commendable benchmark for a meal of that size. The second chart-topping time was a laudable 24 mins and then a gentleman by the name of Vincenzo walked in.

People often assume that the fastest times would be set by overweight people, but this is a fallacy, as our very own person of disproportionate height to weight ratio, Donovan Fourie, will attest. Overweight people enjoy food too much to scoff it down as quickly as possible. That would be like asking a wine connoisseur to enter a down-down competition.

Vincenzo is a professional body builder, and for people not in the know about that industry, it involves more than simply lifting heavy things and checking in on Facebook. Professional body builders need to eat in order for muscles to grow, and they need to eat a lot. All the time. The top guys will even set alarms during the night in order to keep up with their eating plan.

With that in mind, Vincenzo polished the size-able meal in a record busting  2mins 34seconds. To make matters more interesting, he then ordered a plate of nachos. Again, body building offers more talents than simply the ability to lift heavy things.

To see a video of his record attempt, go on to their Facebook page here.

The Monster Burger Challenge is still continuing at Rim & Rubber. If you don’t fancy that idea, there is an entire menu to choose from and a great atmosphere, especially on MotoGP Sundays.

Feature image: Meghan McCabe

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