Reader Opinion: What happened to customer service in this country?


Anton Oosthuizen submitted this letter about the level of customer service – or, as we are sure he’d say, lack thereof – in the motorcycle industry in South Africa. Do you agree or disagree? Leave a comment in the comment sections at the bottom of this page. If you wish to send your own thoughts to us, send an email to Herewith the Anton’s letter:

I don’t live in SA anymore but visit quite often and every time I do I am amazed at the poor level of service that consumers have to put up with. While that is a general statement I recently found the bottom of the service pool for the biking industry when I tried to acquire some riding gear. A brief summary of my experience:

A) I ordered two jackets from an online store  a week before putting foot on shore in SA. This after making sure about lead times etc.  as I knew I had limited time to receive it. After getting the run around for 3 weeks I never received the items. Blame was given to the supplier, who in turn blamed the distributer. All without anybody ever contacting me, all contact was initiated by me. I then went to another store (walk-in) and ordered the same with the commitment of overnight shipping (at additional cost), ready for collection the next PM. Never happened.
B) I ordered two helmets from another online/walk-in store. Delivery date came and went with no contact from the store.
C) I ordered a blue tooth comms system from a walk-in store with an ETA of one week. The week past and they made no attempt to contact me. When I went into the store they just informed me that is will be late.
Some interesting facts:
1) Both online and walk-in stores failed to deliver on their commitments.
2) I tried different vendors, all with the same result – expect it when you see it and your money is not really that important, there is plenty to go around.
3) Not one of the vendors have any idea how deep, or shallow my pockets are. I could have potentially bought all the stuff at a single supplier, and then some, but we will never know will we.
Sorry for my ignorance but am I correct in saying that there is a 25% unemployment rate in the country and the economy is rating is in the crapper? And this is the level of service the biking industry is expecting their potential customers to be happy with? WOW is all that comes to mind.
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Gerald kotze 8th October 2017 at 10:43 am

Sorry to hear about your bad service, i would like to share with you my experians when i bought bike helmet and gloves…. I got in contact with a guu at full throttle asked availablety on certain helmet and gloves,and assured me they have stock. I then bough the stuff online with free courrier service, got my helmet and gloves in less than a week. And it was excactly what i ordered. So not all shops are useless. Depends on where you buy. Just look out for scams in sa. There is alot

Patrick 8th October 2017 at 5:26 pm

I couldn’t agree more. Selling me a bike was doing me a favour. The attitude in the vast majority of outlets ranges between arrogance and laziness. I don’t put up with it. If I don’t get the respect I deserve as a customer with money in his pocket, I walk out and I don’t come back. There is a huge opportunity for someone who has a service ethic to turn this industry on it’s head. Most front-line staff in the bike industry act like they’re an ex motogp champion. You need to make an appointment and ask for their autograph first before they’ll attend to you. Their ignorance is astounding and how most of them keep the doors open in these difficult times I do not know.

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