Reader’s letter: Ducati V4 Cape Town Test Ride


Linda Squires is a Ducati nut from Cape Town who borrowed a V4 for the weekend, and shared her thoughts with both Ducati Cape Town and us. Enjoy:

Ducati v4 test ride

Dear Ducati Cape Town,

Firstly, I take this opportunity to thank you all for allowing me the pleasure of the V4 for an entire weekend test. Thank you for your trust and confidence in me , I am extremely grateful !

I too thank Toby Venter and Johnny for bringing stability of the Ducati brand back to South Africa, it has been a journey filled with challenges, so thank you for ploughing through it all.

Ducati SA, I feel is showcased with elegance and style and compliments the Ducati egoists that we are.

Thank you to all!

My test on THE V4:

The V4 is a “Bridled, untamed, colt” waiting for command so that it can perform beyond all expectation.

The V4 is the most responsive, lightning quick, yet smooth on acceleration that I have experienced to date.

On cornering, the stability of the suspension not only gives a surprising amount of confidence, it encourages even more of a roll on of the throttle whilst cornering , hugging the corners with precision and ease.

I find the V4 requires less strength dropping in and out of “s”  bends and leaves me discretely suspicious that it’s a mind reader. The harder I rode the V4 , the more it excelled at the opportunity to showcase how much more is available and how “safe” it is to ride hard and fast.

The quick shift is butter smooth, the weight distribution is beautifully balance , the suspension I found very counteracting over the bumpy parts and had no need to stand on the foot-pegs, for fear of been catapulted off my seat.

All the electronics, together with the suspension, tyres and V4 engine  is “poetry in motion”  Outstanding and in a class of its own.

The V4 is an “all gender”  machine and I am hoping that more ladies will get into the saddle of the V4. It’s a true gentleman!

My utmost appreciation.
Fond Regards
Linda Squires

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