Promotion: R15000 voucher with ever Ducati Scrambler


Previously, Ducati was offering a special whereby every 800 Scrambler purchased would receive a R15000 voucher to spend on Ducati apparel or accessories. R15000 is a good deal of accessories and apparel to go with your new bit of style.

Ducati have further extended the special, and now ever Scrambler model comes with a R15000 accessory voucher. This includes the new Scrambler 1100 models, the Mach 2.0, the Desert Sled, the Cafe Racer and all other Scramblers.

This does look like a good deal, because the range of add-ons and kit available for the Scrambler models is not only extensive, but excessively stylish. Harry Fisher would have no problem wearing anything from the Scrambler catalogue. More so, R15000 is a good deal of said goods, and a good deal of stylishness.

The Scrambler 1100 was brought out this year, and makes use of a motor based on that found in the Htpermotard 1100 and the Monster 1100 Evo. It’s air-cooled and has just two valves per cylinder, but we still maintain that it is one of the best motors Ducati has ever produced. And now you get an iconic motor to enjoy your ride and R15000 to make sure you look good while doing so.

The Desert Sled is the off-road version of the Scrambler range that not only takes on the styling cues of the original Scramblers, but has their ability to navigate into the un-tarred wilderness also.

The Cafe Racer looks like should have a permanent place outside Ace Cafe in London, while the original 800s maintain their evergreen joy and happiness.

May we remind you that all this now comes with R15000 worth of further happiness, disapproving the old adage that money is not capable of providing such things. See the range below.

Ducati Contact:
Tel; 011 919 1600


Scrambler_1100_Sport_Details_05_UC65190_Low R15000 voucher
Scrambler – 1100 Sport
R 227 900


Scrambler_1100_Special_Static_091_UC65219_Low R15000 voucher
Scrambler – 1100 Special
R 213 900


04 SCRAMBLER 1100 YELLOW_UC30095_Low R15000 voucher
Scrambler – 1100 (Available in Yellow or Black)
R 196 900


Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0 R15000 voucher
Scrambler – Mach 2
R 166 900


17 DUCATI SCRAMBLER CAFE RACER_UC29919_Low R15000 voucher
Scrambler – Café Racer


12 SCRAMBLER CLASSIC_UC29892_Low R15000 voucher
Scrambler – Street Classic
R 149 900
Scrambler – Classic Orange
R 164 900


08 DUCATI SCRAMBLER DESERT SLED_UC29882_Low R15000 voucher
Scrambler – Desert Sled Red
R 175 900
Scrambler – Desert Sled White
R 179 900
Scrambler – Desert Sled Black
R 179 900


07 DUCATI SCRAMBLER ICON_UC29861_Low R15000 voucher
Scrambler – Icon Red
R 138 900
Scrambler – Icon Yellow
R 140 900