Product Review: Grip-a-Bike V1 Bike Sled


Story: Harry Fisher

In a separate review on our products pages, you will find a review of the Grip-a-Bike V2 sled for bikes with centre stand. It’s a fantastic idea for those with not much garage space and who need to push a bike as far out of the way as possible; something that is not always easy when wheeling a bike around on its own wheels.

However, not every bike has a centre stand but their owners might have the same issues of space in the garage. For them we can now re-introduce the V1 bike sled, a product that has been unavailable for a while due to production issues.


Grip-a-bike Sled V1


The V1 bike sled consists of a full-length platform onto which one wheels the bike, whereupon a side platform provides location for the side stand. Levered cams at front and back of the platform raise the heavy-duty castors off the floor enabling the bike to be loaded without the sled running away from you. Removable bars at either end provide a positive stop for the front wheel.

Once on the sled, the whole caboodle can be wheeled around easily by one person, enabling the bike to be tucked flush against a wall, well out of the way.

It really is a very clever concept and will fit all but the longest of cruisers; the video on Grip-a-Bike’s website shows them loading a BMW R1200GS easily onto the sled. The V1 can carry up to 650kgs, making it suitable for even the largest bikes.

Price is R2,500 and is the one piece of kit that allows you to make the most of limited space in  your garage.

Go to for more info on all their products. Below is a video demonstration of the Sled:


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