Pick up a new Suzuki SV650 for a reduced R90,900

Suzuki SV650 Static

There’s not much in the way of agreement on The Bike Show. Harry keeps saying that there’s no point having too much power because you can’t actually use it, Mat doesn’t care as long as it doesn’t break his back and Donovan is wondering why street bikes haven’t yet broken the sound barrier.

There has been one thing that all three definitely agree on, and that is that the Suzuki SV650 is a properly good motorcycle. It has a V-twin engine offering the character only a V-twin can muster, pushing out 75hp with a seat height of only 785mm. It is small enough to be fun, powerful enough to be thrilling and cheap enough to not have to sell a kidney for.

Suzuki SV650 Action

There’s more good news because, for a limited amount of units, Suzuki is discounting the SV650 from its previous price of a smidgen under R100,000 to R90,900. This probably makes it the best value for money motorcycle available today.

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