Phakisa Moto School Club, the biggest track day secret in SA


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It seems that, in the world of underground motorcycle track days, things are afoot that the public knows nothing of. This is what happens when The People are not happy with the status quo, and they take matters into their own hands, rising up against The Man. While a revolution manifesto seems imminent, the truth is so much more benign. 

We are talking about the completely unknown Phakisa Moto School Club, a new movement that is growing and, like the proverbial Sylvia Plath mushrooms, is slowly taking over. 

Parallels can be drawn between this and the Monocle Race Series, where racers are sick of The Man and have organised their own independent race series, bereft of any official governing body and run purely by the racers for the will of the racer. The Phakisa Moto School Club is a group of social track day riders that have done the same thing, taking track riding into their own hands.

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Track days are taking the strain. To be fair, this is no fault of governing bodies – although the South African government themselves could probably be afforded a considerable chunk of the blame, but we fear that track days feature a long way down their list of crises. 

Rising costs, lowering disposable income and participants that cause, well, kak mean that numbers of entries are dropping, and this, in turn, means that there are a falling number of track days and the costs involved are becoming prohibitive to the average track day rider. Many soldier on, and they are commended duly, but the Phakisa Moto School Club have taken it to a new level.

It started with a group of friends that met at track days where said friendships blossomed, and when a close-knit group get together, anything is possible. In this case, they worked out a way to attend regular track days that are affordable with an ample amount of track time with nothing but good mates and fun, social track day riders. 

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They formed the Phakisa Moto School Club, a registered PTY Ltd company, that works via a mandate from all members, where each member pays R600 per month and attends a monthly track event at Phakisa over a Friday and Saturday. People who join are added to a Whatsapp group where everything is up for discussion – in-between the obligatory fart jokes – including events, rules, ideas and new memberships. Everything is transparent, including who has paid their monthly fee, bank balances, payments made towards tracks, marshals, medics and anything else. Everything that happens is approved by all.

Most importantly, no one is making any profit from this. All funds gained are strictly and openly used for the club.

So far, they are up to 43 members and February saw their first track event at Phakisa. It was a relaxed, jovial affair because everyone there was a genuine lover of track riding and was there solely to have a good time. The sessions were split into just two groups, meaning each rider had a session every 20 minutes, making for more track time than any sane individual can handle. 

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They will be continuing with monthly track events at Phakisa, but there are ambitions to host club events at other circuits. 

This does seem to be the dream scenario for social track enthusiasts – affordable, regular track riding with no one but their mates with stacks of track time and no chance takers. It is a dream come true.

So far they have 43 members, and for now, they are limiting member numbers to 60, thereby avoid overcrowding and unnecessary complications. They will accept new member applications, but each application will be put before the entire club for approval. If anyone is interested in applying, they can call Andre Neethling – who might be recognised from his Moto Rider Academy fame – for more details.

Tel: 084 507 5767

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