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Performance Technic Tip: Easter is a great time to get out and ride, but be prepared


Performance Technic is the new technical facility in Kyalami, run by the same team behind the phenomenally successful Fire It Up and Bike Buyers. Every Tuesday they will be providing some technical know-how that could make your biking life a better and easier one. Today, we explain how most motorcycles on the road today are running the wrong tyre pressures and the dangers that lie therein.

Easter is upon us, and for us motorcyclists this means four days of blissful riding through weather that is mostly dry, not too hot and not too cold. South Africa has a delightfully eclectic range of riding options, from long desert roads to mountain passes, to gravel, to anything you like, all encompassing every type of scenery you can imagine.

Better still, South Africa is small enough that a rider can experience all of these in the range of the Easter long weekend.

There are some things to look out for, and most of them entail being stuck on the side of the road. The three most common forms of motorcycle malfunction are running out of petrol, running out of battery and running out of air in the tyre.

The petrol part is down to the rider’s planning, but there are small fuel cans that can be carried on the bike, although there a very few circumstances where a garage is entirely out of range.

Being stuck with a flat battery usually is because someone has left their ignition on, which is something forgivable when you are fatigued after a long ride. And therefore the motorcycle will need to be jump started, and rule one of jump-starting a bike is don’t jump it off a car. Car batteries run more amps than a motorcycle’s, and this causes all sorts of havoc this the delicate modern electronic systems.

The best thing to do is jump it off another bike, or carry a portable booster pack with you. Motobatt does one that is the same size as an external hard drive, it will not destroy the electronics and has an in-built torch and a cellphone charger. 

The other problem is punctures, something that previously used to defeat motorcyclists completely. Nowadays, with the complete introduction of tubeless tyres, punctures can be easily taken care of with a puncture repair kit. They are simple to use and are very reliable.

Don’t let these things ruin your weekend. Rather be prepared.

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