Performance Technic Tip: Ceramic paint coating is the latest greatest thing


Performance Technic is the new technical facility in Kyalami, run by the same team behind the phenomenally successful Fire It Up and Bike Buyers. Every Tuesday they will be providing some technical know-how that could make your biking life a better and easier one. Today, we look at how ceramic coating is the new big thing.

Ceramic coating Performance technic

This technology was originally designed for space travel and is still widely used by the likes of Boeing and their space division. it is much the same as those protective glass layers that are stuck on to the screen of your phone to help stop it from cracking, but while those covers are pre-made, ceramic coats can also be applied to a variety of surfaces, including on your motorcycle. 

How it works is that a surface is treated to ensure all foreign particles are removed, and a special solution is applied that contains nanotechnology that seeps into every imperfection is applied. It then dries and hardens, and like the screen protector on your phone, your motorcycle now has a thin protective layer. It has a multitude of benefits, including protection from UV rays, light scratches and harmful materials, plus the coating is non-stick, meaning anything that makes contact with the surface will wash away with ease, including oils and grease. 

Ceramic coatings are not only for paintwork but can also be applied to metal, rubber and even bike saddles. It lasts for between two and three years, and some have been developed to handle temperatures of up to 1100º C. It can be removed voluntarily, but is not a simple peel off procedure, and requires special removal compounds.

While this is all very clever, the application does require some expertise. You can buy over the counter, DIY ceramic coatings, but you can also purchase paint in spray cans. Rather let the experts do it.

The application involves a series of polishing and a burnishing compound that removes all “decomposed” pant and foreign particles, followed by a very fine polish to leave an ultra-smooth surface. It is then clayed to eliminate any further foreign particles, including the oils left by the polishes. This step is extremely important because anything on the surface will remain trapped by the ceramic coating and will very likely ruin the look. The ceramic coating solution is then applied and is a delicate process because it needs to remain level and evenly spread while it solidifies.

From then you have three years of fewer scratches, less fading and easy washing.


Performance Technic will be offering ceramic coating from March. They have dedicated staff that are undergoing training and will complement their detailing skill. It will cost between R1,900 and R3,900 depending on the job.

Performance Technic Contacts:
Tel: 010 880 2849