Performance Technic offers free one-year warrant with every major service


Performance Technic Dim Sport opening Fire It Up Kyalami

The business trio of Performance Technic, Fire It Up and Bike Buyers have a habit of coming up with good ideas that leave people wondering “why didn’t we think of that?”

The latest addition to their onslaught of offerings is a free one-year warranty with each major service undertaken at Performance Technic. The major service includes all essential fluids, filters, any recalibration of software that is required and labour. All this will set customers back a tidy R5,900. Obviously, any further repairs that are necessary will be extra.

The bike then leaves Performance Technic with a one-year warranty covering up to R40,000 in engine repairs, an additional R40,000 covering the gearbox and drive train and an additional R5,000 covering any other bits on the motorcycle such as electronics. All this is underwritten by a professional service provider.

This warranty applies to all mechanically sound motorcycles and covers all mechanical failures excluding accident damage, and wear and tear, but it will cover consequential damage as a result thereof.

The only condition of this offering is that all maintenance must be undertaken at Performance Technic, including such things as service goods and tyre changes. This is may sound a bit over the top but, as they have discovered, damage can occur as a result of such things as over tightening wheel nuts, turning certain nuts the wrong way and damage to things like wiring when the bike is strung up the wrong way.

This is a load off the mind for anyone with a bike that is out of warranty, and knowing that you are covered means more happy riding without any stress.

Performance Technic is a technical facility near Kyalami that does all motorcycle mechanical work, including professional dyno runs, software recalibration and tuning, Akrapovic fitment and tuning, motorcycle detailing, ceramic coating and the sale of high-end accessories and gear.

Performance Technic Contacts:
Tel: 010 880 2849