Video: Ducati Panigale V4 “Performance” Onboard Lap


Ducati hosted the World Launch of their 214hp, 1103cc, 90º V-four superbike at Valencia last week marking the first time the media had a chance to sample this much anticipated motorcycle. Donovan Fourie was there for The Bike Show and you can read his road test here.

At the launch, Ducati also had a Panigale V4 S that we dubbed “The Performance” based on the various Ducati Performance Parts they had nailed to it – an Akrapovic exhaust, an aftermarket airfilter and some mapping work done, lifting the power output from 214hp to an astonishing 226hp.

Amazingly, they even let Donovan have a go on it (see his other story on this bike here), and he took this opportunity to strap on an onboard camera. This was partially to provide you, our esteemed readers, with a chance to sample this incredible from the comfort of your digital screen, but also to further satisfy his mild narcissistic tendencies.

Herewith the onboard video:


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