NiteX Enduro returns to Biker’s Warehouse – 25 August 2018


The famous NiteX Enduro will be returning to the EnduroX track next to Biker’s Warehouse in Randburg on 25 August, starting at 12pm and finishing around 10pm that evening.
NiteX became a popular event over the past three years, partially because it is one helluva show with enduro riders taking on the extreme enduro track next to the Biker’s Warehouse megastore, but also because it takes place in an evening in Randburg, within walking distance of many people’s houses.
More news is that, although it is still situated at the Biker’s Warehouse store, it is no longer organised by Mike Puzey and his gang at Biker’s Warehouse. Hence forth the event has been passed on to Klint Mills of Powersol SA and Powersol events fame.
“Mike Puzey, the founder of NiteX, and Bossman of Bikers Warehouse made contact with us and asked to set up a meeting to discuss a possible take over or partnership,” commented Mills.” Obviously I was keen, and the need to grow the Southern African EnduroX Series on a wider scale is needed, and agreeably the NiteX site would prove perfect.

 After the meeting, it was agreed that we will run the show with the backing and support of Mike and his team.”
NiteX track
The piece of land where the track is situated is in the middle of a business district with no development on it and is therefore perfect to build a track on. It forms a natural amphitheatre, so spectators can see around 75% of the track from any view point. There is a series of elevations, man made obstacles and a dam to keep things interesting. There is parking all over with guards keeping things safe.

What to expect from NiteX

  • Classes: Micromini 50cc, 65cc Juniors, 85cc Pro Mini, Old School, Hobby, Expert and Pro.
  • Practice starts at 11am: 1 x Non-Timed Practice and 1 x Timed Practice.
  • Superpole to start +/- 15H45
  • Racing to start: 16H00
  • Micromini’s will be finished by 17H00, prize giving for the little rockets at 17H15.
  • Dash 4 Cash at 22H00
  • Prize giving straight afterwards.
To enter the race, click here.

Powersol Contacts:
071 524 9652 or
060 856 7947 or

Biker’s Warehouse Contacts:
Phone: 011 795 4122

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