Moto Rider Academy: Buy a set of Dunlop

tyres and get a track weekend free


Track riding is very likely the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Many a long-time married man might argue that it is a good deal more fun than anything sans clothing. However, as anyone who has ever had the privilege of cruising out of a pitlane on a motorcycle will tell you, it is expensive. Very expensive. Unbelievingly, bleeding expensive.

On that note – and this is certainly one for the history books – Moto Rider Academy, the Phakisa-based track weekend organiser, is offering an entire track weekend at Phakisa with them for free if you buy a a set of Dunlop tyres from them.

From the above paragraph, you might have worked out that MRA has become a dealer in Dunlop tyres, something also new in the world of tracks days whereby the sale of tyres and the organising of track weekends is, until now, a mutually exclusive activity. It’s true then that MRA has made an agreement to sell Dunlop tyres through their track school, and with that has come an interesting special.

They are selling the Dunlop D211 M Compound front tyre and a Dunlop Sportmax Q3 rear tyre (in sizes 180, 190 and 200) for R4750. That already is a good deal, especially for Dunlop tyres that are widely acknowledge for their durability and extended lifespan compared to other tyre brands. The kicker is that MRA will have the tyres waiting for you at their track weekend at Phakisa, they will have the tyres fitted to your motorcycle for free and you get the entire weekend of track riding at Phakisa, valued at R1200, for free.

Their next track weekend is 2 and 3 September. It includes Saturday and Sunday track riding time and their famous Advanced Rider Training which also takes place on the Saturday. You do need to purchase your tyres before the weekend so that they can have them at the track waiting for you.

See the Moto Rider Academy website for more.