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This is genuinely a clash of the titans. Or more a partnership of the titans. Bikeshop Boksburg, also known as Suzuki East given that they sell Suzukis – among many other used motorcycles and various makes – and are in the east, is one of South Africa’s biggest motorcycle dealers, and certainly turn over the highest number of motorcycles in the East Rand.

Moto Mate started in a relatively simple manner, making an honest living selling accessories out of a modest store, and much like the mushrooms in a Sylvia Plath poem, have slowly grown bigger and bigger until they’ve taken over the earth. That day has come, because they are now the biggest motorcycle accessories chain store in South Africa.

So, on one hand we have Bikeshop Boksburg who are experts at supplying motorcycles and on the other we have Moto Mate who are experts at supplying accessories. What if the two meet? Would there be an explosion?

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That day has too come, because Moto Mate and Bikeshop Boksburg have joined forces at Bikeshop’s Boksburg store whereby they will continue to supply motorcycles as is their talent, whereas Moto Mate has taken over the entire second floor area, filling it with their famous accessories stands and keeping all the popular stock. The bonus is that, if the Boksburg branch does not have stock of an item, they can easily pull it from one of the other stores and have it at the Boksburg shop within the hour.

Moto Mate has already moved a stack of stock into Bikeshop Boksburg, so the second storey is covered in accessories and the bottom storey is wall-to-wall with various bikes for sale. This is an interesting marriage indeed. We look forward to seeing it blossom.

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