The highlight of my year so far? Riding BMW’s HP4 Race around the Estoril circuit in Portugal, an experience that I won’t be forgetting in a hurry, that’s for sure.
Or at least that was the highlight of the year, until today. Because today, 8th August 2017, marks the date that this website bursts into life. I’m excited about the project because it means we’ll be able to share more of our passion for bikes with you.
With a half-hour, weekly TV program it’s frustrating how much stuff we’re forced to leave out, either through time constraints or because the very straight-laced world of family TV programming means we are required to cut out anything that might offend someone, somewhere.
So we try not to wheelie on the road, or break any speed limits and we are very conscious about presenting a responsible face of biking. If you knew Harry, Don and myself better you would appreciate how difficult this can be because, well, because The Bike Show team is like any group of biker mates. Merciless piss-taking, the occasional practical joke, failed projects, much swearing and plenty of grand but completely impractical ideas.
This site will allow us, in conjunction with our YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram to dish up more of what goes on in our world. And it won’t just be silly stuff, either. The constraints of TV often leave us feeling like we’ve run out of time to give you more detail about test bikes, or we’ve had to cut an interview or product feature short.
Well, we can now remedy that by giving you all those juicy details that just don’t work on the telly.
And we get to cover stuff that we don’t on the TV – sport for instance, and events. We are a South African TV show and so these elements will undoubtedly contain a heavy local flavour, though for our international audience – of which there are tens of thousands of you reached by our YouTube channel and Facebook page – will still find content to suit.
Another positive side of this new venture is the opportunity for us to engage more closely with you the viewer/reader, thanks to the comments sections on the site’s stories. Undoubtedly we will receive plenty of abuse from brave keyboard warriors who know everything about everything and hate Don ‘cos of his weight, Harry ‘cos of his hair and me ‘cos I’m an aging ginger.
So be it, most of you are well worth listening to, and we’re always open to new ideas, so let us have them.
Photo: Meghan McCabe