King of the Whip 2018 competition wows Randburg

A new King has been crowned. On Saturday the 24th of February, the King of the Whip best whip competition took place at Biker’s Warehouse in Northriding, Randburg. With a display of big and stylish whips, it was freestyle motocross rider Dallan Goldman who claimed the title in front of thousands of screaming fans.

Pics: Eric Palmer

King of the Whip Caleb Tennant

Thousands of people gathered to see the spectacle. This is Caleb Tennant during one of the qualifying rounds.

For people uncertain about motocross terminology, a whip is when a rider hits a huge jump – already an impressive enough feat as far The Bike Show is concerned – and then somehow turns the motorcycle in the air to aim it both sideways and, potentially, backwards before pulling it straight to land.

More so, as is now commonplace for events at Biker’s Warehouse, it took place on the piece of open land next to their shop, right in the middle of suburban Randburg, often walking distance from people’s houses. The result of this recipe is spectators, thousands of them, all littering the natural amphitheatre created by the cleverly laid-out piece of land that surrounded the freestyle metal jump signifying “the track”.

King of the Whip Dallan Goldman 1

Winner Dallan Goldman hitting the huge steal jump.

The country’s top motocross and freestyle motocross riders gathered to compete head-to-head for the 2018 King of the Whip title. A rider introduction train (definition: a string of riders jumping one after each other that could potentially end badly if one of those riders gets it wrong) kicked off proceedings and gave the crowd a small taste of what was about to be witnessed before heading into the qualifying rounds. The huge 20-metre long by 8-metre wide landing gave riders the opportunity to push their limits resulting in an exciting and closely fought whip contest.

Through the four qualifying rounds, riders had the opportunity to showcase their whip skills for the judges and fans. The judges, three two-wheeled motorsport legends – Brendan Potter (FMX), Richie van der Westhuizen (MX) and Brent Le Rieche (Trails), took on the hard task of eliminating riders into a 13 man semi-final. Riders were judged on style, amplitude and variation.

King of the Whip Grant Frerichs

Grant Frerichs finished second, the only MX rider to make the podium. This is made more impressive by the fact that he is, more accurately, a retired MX rider.

As the sun set and the lights came out, the semi-finalists took to the course, the last chance to huck their best whips possible before being eliminated into the six-rider final. An insane display of the biggest whips, a host of styles and variations resulted in 15 minutes of adrenaline-fuelled mayhem.

Alastair Sayer (FMX), Caleb Tennant (MX), Camz Odendaal (MX), Dallan Goldman (FMX), Grant Frerichs (MX) and Neels van Niekerk (MX) impressed the judges to secure their slot in the final. Each rider was given five jumps to claim the title with their own style and variation of whips that made for an extremely close and exciting final. Dallan Goldman upped his game in the final putting it all on the line to clinch the crown and title of King of the Whip 2018, and claimed the R20 000 cash prize. Event first timer Grant Frerichs followed in 2nd with 2017 King of the Whip winner Alastair Sayer finishing in 3rd.

King of the Whip Podium

The podium: Grant Frerichs (2nd), Dallan Goldman (1st) and Alastair Sayer (3rd).

King of the Whip organiser, Ryan van der Spuy said, “The time and effort that went into making this event possible was worth ever second. ‘Bigger and better’ is an understatement as all expectations were exceeded. To the sponsors, everyone involved and the fans – Thank you! It was a privilege to watch the riders put on such a great show – this event is for them”.

King of the Whip 2018 was presented by LW Mag and Monster Energy in association with PlayStation, Motul, Dunlop Tyres, EVS and Just1.


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