Kawasaki News: significant(ish) changes for ZX-10RR and new supercharged model

Bloody Hell, Kawasaki; Steady On!


Story: Harry Fisher
Kawasaki has revealed the 2018 ZX10RR with significant changes over the outgoing model. Or maybe not!

2018-kawasaki-zx-10rr 5Adhering to the old adage ‘don’t fix what ain’t broken,’ they, with a World Championship-winning bike on its hands, has done just that; fixed nothing!

Instead, what you get is…wait for it….silver reservoir canisters at the bottom of the front fork legs (they used to be red) and green fork caps (they used to be red). Apparently, red is not the in-colour for 2018.

Whoa, there, Kawasaki!

2018-kawasaki-zx-10rr 8What is possibly of more significance is the impending announcement of a new touring bike using a supercharged engine. This will use a Balanced Supercharged version of the 1000cc in-line four-cylinder motor which differs from the unit found in the H2 and H2R by having variable intake vanes to alter the airflow into the supercharger, increasing low-end torque and efficiency as opposed to out-and-out top-end power.

It should be shown at the upcoming EICMA motorcycle show in Milan at the beginning of November.


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