“If riding be the food of love, ride on.” – Shakespeare; had he lived a little later and owned a motorcycle.
I was asked which had been my favourite ride, and after much sleeping was done over it, I came to this conclusion: my favourite ride is the next one. My least favourite one would be the one that doesn’t get ridden.

Let me ‘splain.

You see, there is no such thing as a bad ride on a motorcycle. Even a sh*tty trip is better than a cancelled trip. AmIright?

One rarely remembers the trips that went smooth as oiled shafts; the trips that echo into every other conversation are always the ones where the shaft got stuck – sideways.
Guaranteed, those memories came prancing through your mind’s-eye-vision now, didn’t they? Go ahead, share some of ‘em – we all love a good story!

Through the years there have been drizzles and titanic downpours. Lazy gusts and flight-inducing winds. Insect swarms and kamikaze birds. Little bumps and blinding thumps. One-twenty cruises and three-hundreds dices. Loose wires and broken clutches. Planned-for-weeks trips and hop-on-let’s-go jaunts. Toasty butts and icicle fingers.

The list is endless. It grows exponentially with every ride.

If you can’t look back and smile at the bugger-ups, then how can you say you ride for the love of it? Loving something implies loving not only the sunshine, but the thunderstorms along with it. Because without the storms you could never truly appreciate the beauty of the light.
You never plan to get drenched like a cat that had fallen into the fishpond. Neither do you plan to come across that unmarked path that leads you to a breathtaking oasis. That’s the beauty of being a rider – you have the distinct privilege to experience everything around you with exponential depth.

“To ride or not to ride, that is a silly question.” – Shakespeare again, had he known the sweet taste of motorcycle rides.

See? Motorcycle rides make everything better.