Dakar hero Joey Evans releases ‘From Para To Dakar’ book


Joey Evans book

Joey Evens with his Dakar finishers medal

Joey Evans completed the 2017 Dakar Rally. This in itself is an heroic achievement, but made more so because just ten years ago doctors had given him a mere 10% chance of walking again after he broke his back in an enduro race and crushed his spinal chord. But walk he did, slowly but surely, after months of intense rehab.

As many non-racers would assume, this would surely put an end to his motorcycling career, but instead of handing in his early retirement, Joey instead thought up a ten year plan to enter the toughest race in the world – the Dakar Rally.

Joey Evans From Para To Dakar book group

The group that made the book happen – Joey Evans, Tracy McDonald, GG Alcock and Gavin Morton.

Many people have already heard his inspirational speeches about the challenges associated not just with riding after suffering a debilitating crash, but simple day-to-day living, plus the trials that he faced when actually on the Dakar itself and how it all nearly came to a heartbreaking end on the last day of the race when a car drove over his bike, seemingly putting an end to his race with the finish line in sight. Now you can read about it also in his new book – From Para To Dakar.

The idea for the book was suggested by Evans’s fellow off-road racer and motorcycle journalist, Gavin Morton, who put him in touch with another fellow racer and writer, GG Alcock, the author of such books as Kasinomics and Third World Child, who in turn suggested the idea to his publisher, Tracy McDonald. She googled Evans and was suitably impressed by what she saw and agreed that he should do a book. The only big challenge was that it needed to be published before Christmas, giving the Kempton Park native, who had no experience in writing at all, just three months to write 80,000 words.

Joey Evans From Para To Dakar book“I spent three months typing with just two fingers!” joked Evans at the launch of his book in Bryanston. “People might notice that I’m a bit more swollen around the face than I was when the photo on the front cover of the book was taken. This because I spent three months doing nothing but typing and eating.”

Three months later, he handed in 117,000 words. Of course, with him having never had any previous writing experience, McDonald started reading it with some trepidation, however her concerns were quickly alleviated as she got into the book. “He way surpassed my expectations,” she commented with genuine enthusiasm. “By the end of the book, I felt as though I was standing next to the Dakar route cheering him on.”

The cover price of the From Para To Dakar is R265 and it can be purchased from his website – www.joeyevans.co.za


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