RAM Mounts


Story: Harry Fisher
We get a few emails asking us how we film The Bike Show, more specifically how we mount cameras on the bikes to get the on-board riding shots and when we talk to camera while riding the bike.

Over the years we have tried all sorts of solutions with varying degrees of success – some not too bad and some utterly terrible – but none really very satisfying. Then we discovered the RAM Mounts range of products and we have never looked back.

RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount

RAM Mounts are, to put it simply, the strongest, sturdiest, most stable, most versatile, best thought-out mounts we have come across and have made our cameraman’s job just that much easier, whilst enabling him to be just a bit more inventive.

Whether you’re mounting an action camera, a GPS unit, a phone or a tablet, they seem to have a solution for everything, no matter what you are mounting it to.

The range is huge and, really, you have to go to their website – www.ram-mount.co.za – or look at their online catalogues www.rammount.com/catalog to understand the versatility.

RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount cellphone

We film with GoPro cameras and, while the internal stabilising software is unbelievable, it still helps to have as steady a mounting as possible. The thing with GoPro is the camera itself has to be mounted horizontally level to get a level horizon, unlike the Drift camera on which you can swivel the lens to level the horizon, irrespective of the angle that the body of the camera is mounted.

This necessitates having one or more arms between the mounting point and the GoPro camera which inevitably creates more shake. With the RAM Mounts, not only can the distance from the mounting point to the camera be reduced to an absolute minimum, the mechanism is so sturdy that shake is reduced as much as possible and in addition to this, RAM Mounts have rubber balls on either side to help reduce vibration.

Often, an easy mounting point – an exposed frame tube or sufficient space on a handlebar – is not available but with the RAM Mount system, we can make a plan pretty much every time.


RAM Mounts are made in the U.S. and come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. They are imported into South Africa by Maximum Technology, who are also importer some other really cool products for the committed outdoor action heroes and cameramen. Visit them at www.maxtech.co.zaor give them a call on 010 592-1707 to discuss your needs.