Honda produces its 400 millionth motorcycle


1949 Dream D Type
1949 Honda Dream D-Type, their first mass-produced motorcycle.

Honda is celebrating the 400 millionth motorcycle to leave one of its factories. This is one helluva stat as the company celebrates its 71st year of existence. It was founded in 1948 and released its first mass-production motorcycle, the Dream D-Type, in 1949. The famous Super Cub range was launched in 1958 and, just a year later, Honda became the biggest producer of motorcycles in the world.

The Super Cub series went on to sell more than 100 million units representing a quarter of Honda’s total production.

The Honda Super Cub that has so far sold more than 100 million units since 1958.

Honda then went on to set up its first factory in a foreign land, opening in Belgium in 1963 and has continued to expand opening plants in 11 different countries with its latest opening in Bangladesh in 2013. What is interesting is that a very small percentage of Honda units is actually manufactured in Japan (see chart below).

It doesn’t stop here because Honda’s global reach is expanding. It took Honda nearly 50 years to produce its first 100 million motorcycles, 11 more to produce another 100 million and now it’s producing 100 million every five years with 2018 being the first that the company exceeded 20 million in one year.

Honda motorcycle production distribution chart
Honda motorcycle country production chart for 2019.

Honda’s 400 motorcycle million-unit journey
1948 Honda Motor Co., Ltd founded
1949 The Dream D-Type went on sale
1958 The iconic Super Cub and Super Cub C100 join the Honda range
1959 Honda becomes worlds largest motorcycle manufacturer
1969 The CB750 goes on sale
1975 The GL1000 Gold Wing goes on sale
1986 The XRV650 Africa Twin joins the range
1992 The CBR900RR FireBlade goes on sale
2001 The SH125i goes on sale
2009 The VFR1200F is unveiled at the Tokyo Motorshow – the world’s first dual-clutch motorcycle
2014 The Honda Super Cub becomes the most produced motorcycle in history (87 million units sold in 160 countries
Marc Marquez becomes the youngest ever premier class world champion at 21yrs of age
2015 The Gold Wing celebrates its 40th Anniversary
2017 Fireblade celebrates its 25th Anniversary
2019 CB750 celebrates its 50th Anniversary
100,000 DCT equipped motorcycles sold in Europe since its introduction in 2010
Honda celebrate winning 25th Premier Class Constructors Championship
Marc Marquez wins 8th world title

Honda’s Global Motorcycle production:
1963 Belgium
1967 Thailand
1971 Indonesia
1976 Brazil and Italy
1979 North America
1980 Nigeria
1992 China
1997 Vietnam
2001 India
2013 Bangladesh

Honda’s Motorcycle Production Milestones
1968 Honda reaches 10 million unit milestone
1984 Honda reaches 50 million unit milestone
1997 Honda reaches 100 million unit milestone
2004 Honda exceed 10 million unit annual motorcycle production
2008 Honda reaches 200 million unit milestone
2014 Honda reaches 300 million unit milestone
2018 Honda exceed 20 million unit annual motorcycle production
2019 Honda reaches 400 million-unit milestone