Honda launches a more off-roady Africa Twin

Story: Donovan Fourie
At the beginning of last year, Honda released the Africa Twin and decided to stick to the values of the original Africa Twin – ruggedness, practicalness and good off-road ability, and the finished product was all of these things, especially the off-road part. Despite brilliant models from the likes of KTM and BMW, you have to admit that if you were stuck in a sandy spot, you’re probably better off on an Africa Twin.

This is a monumental achievement by Honda, and yet they don’t seem satisfied with that. This is undoubtedly part of the reason they are the world’s biggest bike manufacturer.

2018 Africa Twin Adventure Sports

To quench their thirst for more, Honda has now unveiled the Adventure Sports version of the Africa Twin, an off-roady version of a bike that was already very good off-road, at the EICMA Show in Milan.

The engine remains 998cc parallel twin with a 270º crank and a uni-cam, and still pushes 94hp and 99Nm of torque, exactly the same as the original African Twin. Also the wheels are still 21/18 inch, the brakes are the same and the frame is still a steel semi-double cradle type. And that’s about it. Everything else is new.

2018 Africa Twin Adventure Sports

The obvious additions include taller suspension, a ground clearance that’s lifted from 250mm to 269mm and a fuel tank that is enlarged from 18.8 to 24 litres. The seat is flatter and more like that of a motocross bike, the windscreen looks more like that of a rally bike, there’s protective scaffolding all around the engine plus a huge bash plate, the bodywork is stronger and there are new off-road footpegs.

The battery is now a lighter lithium-ion unit, there’s a new exhaust, a new dash and heated grips as standard. Inside the motor there is a lighter balance shaft and a modified airbox designed to boost midrange power.

2018 Africa Twin Adventure Sports

This might not be the ultimate machine for the European market where going off-road nowadays seems to get you hanged, drawn and quartered, but for then the likes of America, Australia and a little country at the bottom of Africa, it’s perfect, and this should appease the many adventurers in South Africa who have been wanting something with an off-road focus.

Ladies and gentlemen, this could be it.

We are not yet sure when the Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports will be available in South Africa nor of the price. Below is the Honda promo video and a full gallery:


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