News: Suzuki GSX-R1000 now to come standard with both-ways quick shifter


In previous stories and shows, we lamented the fact that the new GSX-R1000 (and the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade, to be fair) had all the new electrickery of a modern superbike, but lacked the one thing that makes men with the minds of boys go all gooey inside – a quickshifter. More importantly, a two-way quickshifter, that make the upshifts a nanosecond dream, and the downshifts auto-blipping heaven – just like a World Superbike or, for the big dreamers, a MotoGP bike.

Obviously there is all that gain in terms of extra speed because of quicker upshifts and the smoother braking without all that messy clutch business, but the MotoGP little boy’s dream comes first.

Suzuki GSX-R1000 quick shifterNow there has been some good news from the Suzuki camp as they have announced that all new 2017 Suzuki  GSX-R1000 models will be sold with the two-way quick shifter free. This means that, for the previous price of R239,900, new owners of GSX-R1000 will have their beauties with all the quick shifter and auto-blip goodness already installed.

From a technical point of view, this is more complicated than simply bolting on a gear linkage with a quick shifter switch. It is essentially the quick shifter kit from the GSXR1000R that has two changing speeds and was never actually destined for the non-R model. The kit involves the linkage with the switch, a host of accompanying wiring and an entirely different ECU.

The factory does not build the standard GSX-R with the kit already installed, thus each dealer will be supplied the quick shifter pieces with each unit they stock and will have to fit it themselves, a task not technically challenging and should not be difficult for any trained Suzuki technician.

This new deal is already in effect, and dealers are being supplied with quick shifter units for their current stock. This is good news, both for our Kyalami lap times and for the little boy living in the minds of each of us.


Photos: Meghan McCabe