Product Review: Grip-a-Bike V2 Bike Sled


Grip a Bike V2 Bike SledSpace can be an issue for many, especially when more than one bike has to share space in crowded garages. Luckily, Grip-a-Bike has a solution.

The V2 bike sled is designed for those bikes with a centre stand and allows the bike to be manoeuvred into tight spaces without having to shuffle back and forwards on the bike’s own wheels, making the whole job a lot simpler and maximising usable space in the garage.

It’s made up of a platform with heavy duty castors. You then wheel it under the bike, whereupon the bike can be put on its centre stand with the feet of the stand on the platform. From there it is easy to balance the bike on its stand and push the whole ensemble into a corner or tight against a wall.

With bikes getting heavier and heavier the V2 has a useful maximum weight rating of 650kgs and will cost you R2,000.

For more informatio on the V2 sled, go to or see the below video: