GPS4Africa becomes the new importer and distributor of Touratech


GPS4Africa is one of the major success stories in the South African motorcycle industry. Founder Pauli Massyn started the business out of his garage in 2007 after he saw the prices people were being charged for the sale and fitment of GPS units. He began fitting them for a few friends, and then a few of their friends, and soon he couldn’t move in his garage for motorcycles and GPSs.

The next step was to rent premises, which he did, but the snowball effect of many happy customers continued and soon this store was also full to capacity. So he rented the shop next door, and then moved to another bigger shop, and now he has the biggest and most reputable adventure accessories store in the country.

GPS4Africa becomes Touratech valley

It makes sense, therefore, that the most reputable accessories store becomes the importer and distributor of one of the most reputable adventure brands in the world, Touratech. “I really am passionate about my business. I started GPS4Africa as a hobby and I think I am really privileged to be able to run my passion as a business. My clients also know that I work on every motorcycle as if it is my own. I am painfully neat and I am very proud of my work. With the same attitude towards customer service, I am excited about the opportunity to start the distribution business and relaunch the Touratech brand in South Africa,” said Pauli Massyn.

GPS4Africa becomes Touratech Pauli Massyn

The Touratech headquarters in Germany seem pleased with the deal too: “South Africa is one of the largest and most exciting adventure motorcycle markets in the world with a very active and passionate rider community. Therefore we are very pleased to have GPS4Africa as our new business partner. With their extensive experience in the adventure motorcycle market, we are convinced to bring the same service and quality standards to the South African riders which Touratech is known for in many countries all around the world,” said Martin Wickert, Chief Marketing Officer of Touratech.

GPS4Africa is planning to open a dedicated showroom for Touratech at their Centurion premises in the beginning of September. Customers will be able to buy from their shop or make purchases form their online store.

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