Review of the GoPro Hero 6 and win a signed Rossi cap with Action Gear


Story: Harry Fisher
If you are lucky enough to own a GoPro Hero 5, you’ll know all about its amazing image quality and stabilisation and the improved user experience with the screen and functionality. In short, it is an incredible action camera

But, just to get you all annoyed at spending whatever it took to buy the 5, GoPro has released the Hero 6. Outwardly it looks exactly the same and, at first glance, it doesn’t seem to have changed but that is because all the changes are on the inside.


Look, it’s all really technical but what it boils down to is a whole new user experience with twice the performance of the Hero 5. In fact, I could bleat on about it all day without really saying anything of importance so here are the salient points;

  • HERO6 Black automatically sends your footage to your phone where the app turns it into a QuikStory-an awesome edited video.
  • With 4K60 and 1080p240 video,HERO6 Black delivers 2x the performance compared to HERO5 Black. With an all-new GP1 chip optimized for GoPro capture, HERO6 Black delivers vastly improved image quality.
  • With our most advanced video stabilization yet, HERO6 Black captures super smooth footage, whether it’s handheld or mounted to your gear. HERO6 Black is waterproof to 33ft (10m) without a housing.
  • Now featuring touch zoom and an updated UI, the 2-inch display makes it easy to frame shots, change settings and play back footage.
  • Featuring 5GHz Wi-Fi, you can copy photos and videos over to your phone 3x faster than with HERO5 Black.

So, have you got all that? The image stabilisation has to be seen to be believed and this from someone who thought the Hero 5 was impressive.

If you’re interested, then get in touch with Action Gear at and do yourself a favour and just buy one of these.

As if that wasn’t enough, Action Gear are giving you the chance to win an awesome, limited edition GoPro VR46 Valentino Rossi cap, signed BY THE MAN HIMSELF! There are only two in South Africa and that is how it is going to stay so to say that this is a collector’s item of note would be an understatement.

To stand a chance to win, go to Action Gear’s Facebook page and ‘like’ it or go to their website and sign up to their newsletter. You’ll find details there. Good luck.

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