Gallery: The Bike Village opening in Fourways


The Bike Village is a new joint venture between Bike Tyre Warehouse, The Race Shop and Vaperite. They have set up a combined store at the Buzz Shopping Centre on Witkoppen Road in Fourways as a sort of one-stop biking accessories venue.

Bike Tyre Warehouse Bike Village Opening 6720

Today, Saturday 29 September, they celebrated their shop launch with a party that took over most of the shopping centre’s parking lot. Apart from the actual shop itself, that occupies an entire corner of the centre, there were various stands by retailers also selling merchandise and servicing goods. The food and drinks were taken care of by the ever-friendly ladies from Hooters nearby.

There is more to come from The Bike village. The double store is only the beginning – next to them is a betting shop that will soon be moving and The Bike Village will be knocking through the wall and further expanding the store. Then, there is a new crowd that is taking over the shop next door that was formerly occupied by Rim & Rubber, and they will be handling the biking food and beverage needs.

Bike Tyre Warehouse Bike Village Opening 6735

This is all good fun, and situated in a heart of Fourways nearby a huge hub of biking. Now all we need is for some motorcycle showrooms to pull in and we will have a motorcycle mega-mall.

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