From Italy where we saw the 9.5 Lucky Explorer, we now dash across to China where MV Agusta, in collaboration with Qianjiang who also owns the Benelli brand, is developing a 5.5 version of the adventure range.

MV-Agusta-Lucky-Explorer 55 3:4 left

Very few details have been released about the 5.5, apart from that it will be manufactured in China and that it will be powered by a 550cc parallel-twin motor.

Like the 9.5, it will feature dual-lamp LEDs and a TFT dash.

Much of the rest o the machine seems to be based upon the Qianjiang and Benelli 500cc adventure machines with an extra 50cc thrown in for good measure. It’s also a rather good looking creature with most of the required adventure goodness accounted for.

More details will be announced as development continues. Price and date of release still to be confirmed.

MV Agusta Lucky Explorer 5.5 image gallery: