Free helmet with each

motorcycle sold at Fire It Up!


Fire IT Up!, the popular Fourways motorcycle retailer, previously offered a special as part of their Integrity Pack whereby they will give away a free Shark or Bell helmet with each motorcycle sold on condition that the buyers old riding gear is donated to their worthy cause that saw it given to delivery riders whose current kit was worn, damaged or outdated. This campaign highlighted how many motorcyclists were using helmets that, despite appearing to be in new condition and safe, had passed their shelf life or no longer met international safety standards. All too often we get attached to a helmet and overlook replacing it when necessary.

That deal is back again, once more as part of their Integrity Pack, Fire It Up! will now ensure each customer receives a quality branded helmet such as Bell or Shark with every bike sold, ensuring that the most important piece of safety equipment is included in the sale of the motorcycle, at no charge.

“Our commitment to motorcyclists, their safety whilst always acting with integrity and doing the right thing is what we stand for as a company,”  Craig Langton, the owner of Fire It Up!

Tel: +27 11 467 0737