Fire it Up to open PerformanceTechnic service centre in Kyalami


Performance Technic Dim Sport opening Fire It Up Kyalami

For weeks, there has been rumours throughout the motorcycle industry that Fire It Up, SA’s biggest-selling motorcycle dealer, is moving to Kyalami. This came after the business signed a lease on a new premises in Kyalami Business Park.

Now Craig Langton and his crew at Fire It Up have confirmed, via a live feed from their Facebook page, that this is not the case, and they will instead be opening a new business called PerformanceTechnic that will serve as a new service centre for the ever growing business.

Essentially, this came about as their service requirements outgrew their current business, and instead of moving to a larger premises, they have instead “spent millions” starting a new business that focuses solely on motorcycle servicing, repair and performance.

They have a dyno that is the only one of its kind in South Africa, and given Fire It Up’s relationship with Dim Sport, the famous Italian tuning brand, we can assume that it is one from them, and that makes it very special indeed in that, together with the Dim Sport diagnostic systems, it can tune a motorcycle over a massive number variables including very detailed throttle positions and revs. With the dyno comes the diagnostic software that can tap in to the electronic systems of every type of motorcycle, evaluating problems and creating solutions.

PerformanceTechnic Dim Sport Dyno

An example of a Dim Sport dyno

The new facility will also be staffed by a new team of technicians and a new manager.

The building itself is impressive, sitting at the bottom corner of the Kyalami Business Park, essentially on the inside of Turn Tw0 of Kyalami Racetrack. It is a two-storey building with a large workshop floor, offices, hospitality and a covered roof that overlooks Kyalami Racetrack and, should the day go that way, a sunset.

PerformanceTechnic Kyalami view sunset opening Fire It Up

A sunset view of Kyalami from the roof of the PerformanceTechnic building.

PerformanceTechnic is due to open in January.

Also during the Facebook live feed, Fire It Up owner Craig Langton spoke about their 2018 motorcycle give-away that will be taking place this Monday 24 December in another live Facebook feed from PerformanceTechnic. Not only will this show the give-away, but will be the first time the public will be able to see the new facility.

The bike they are giving away is a Ducati Panigale, and in order to enter the competition, customers were asked to either pose for a selfie next to the prize bike, or pose for selfie next the motorcycle they have purchased from Fire It Up during 2018. Look out on their Facebook page for that announcement.

Fire It Up contacts:
Tel: 011 467 0737
Address: Shop 3, Showrooms on cnr. William Nicol & Leslie, Leslie Ave, Fourways, Sandton, 2055

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