Fire It Up Friday Review: Yamaha MT-07 – small, fun and noisy


Much like we have already seen on The Bike Show TV show, the website version will be doing a weekly road test of one of the models on the floor of Fire It Up, the famous motorcycle dealer in Fourways. With more than 100 models arriving and leaving their floor every month, there are a lot of interesting bikes to look at and this week we found something that we wouldn’t call subtle.

Fire it Up 2017 Yamaha MT-07 4054

The Yamaha MT-07 was part of a new strategy to – and we are not making this up – make Yamaha’s line-up more exciting. At the time they launched two derivatives – the MT-09 and this, the MT-07. They are small, they are perky and they are aggressive, everything that is exciting in this world.

At the time, we loved the MT-09, but it was, surprisingly, the MT-07 that pulled the heartstrings. The bigger machine should, by all accounts, take the accolades, and it is the epitome of good, clean, over-the-speed-limit fun, but the MT-07 just does something more.

This is mostly down to expectations – next to the MT-09, and now the MT-10, the MT-07 should be a bit dull, a bit lame and somewhat uninspiring and yet, like the plucky Jack Russell in a pride of Pitbulls, it massively over-delivers.

It has a mean, robotic look, like something out of an Anime cartoon, combined with a higher riding stance giving the rider more of a dominating feel rather than a subdued commuter. On this exact bike, this is compounded further by a locally-built Stealth exhaust pipe that can be heard from space.

Fire it Up 2017 Yamaha MT-07 4055

The 94 hp on the spec sheet does not tell the story of how it lunges forward every time you open the throttle, grunting from that Stealth pipe as it relentless tugs your arms out of their sockets. And this is from a motor that has just 689cc divided into even, parallel halves with an irregular firing order that gives the bike more of a V-twin feel and sound.

The bike in question here is a 2017 model with a little more than 20,000 km on the clock, and is annoyingly clean and runs perfectly. For once we would love to have a pig of a motorcycle that we can rip apart, however we fear that Fire It Up doesn’t do pigs. We live in hope.

This 2017 Yamaha MT-07 is on sale for R79,888.

Fire It Up contacts:
Tel: 011 467 0737

Fire It Up 2017 Yamaha MT-07 Gallery – click to enlarge:

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