Fire It Up Friday Review: 2012 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC – World Superbike pace, road riding price


Much like we have already seen on The Bike Show TV show, the website version will be doing a weekly road test of one of the models on the floor of Fire It Up, the famous motorcycle dealer in Fourways. With more than 100 models arriving and leaving their floor every month, there are a lot of interesting bikes to look at and this week we found something to get your heart rate up.

2012 Aprilai RSV4 APRC Factory_9161

Aprilia have always been the great handlers, and more recently they have grasped the world of electronics with both hands. To this day, they remain stylish, they remain plucky and they have a die hard fan base that spans the globe. A few years ago, we (well, Donovan) had the audacity to say that he didn’t like the Aprilia Tuono. It happens sometimes – we really don’t like something, and because we are loyal to our readers, we will jolly well say so. When you say something negative about a motorcycle, you need to be prepared for a backlash of sorts. It’s usually no biggie – a few people will grumble at you and you might get a few objections, but mostly people just get on with their lives.

To this day. Donovan still gets people wrapping him on the knuckles for that remark.

And so they should; to coin an American phrase, “Aprilias are awesome!” This specific bike is a 2012 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC. The Factory part entails uprated suspension and more goodies while APRC relates to the electronics that are still regarded as some of the best ever to grace a motorcycle. It has more than just many increments of adjustment – it will even learn the rider and the habits associated with that rider.

It maintains the trademark 65º V-four configuration, pushing out a steady 180hp and 115Nm of torque. While this figure was dwarfed by the likes of the Ducati Panigale 1199, the BMW S1000RR and the Kawasaki ZX10R, true track pundits rated this as the top track lapper. Much of this has to do with the ingenious electronics system, but a lot more has two do with Aprilia’s true calling – chassis.

2012 Aprilia RSV4 APRC Factory_9164

The bright aluminium beams folding down each side of the motorcycle are a hallmark of an Aprilia performance bike stretching back to the 90’s when they were churning out two-stroke masterpieces. The handling on an RSV4 is so solid that it gives their riders a feeling of invulnerability, a key stepping stone on the rise to riding god.

This particular bike is further adorned with new tyres, a Lightech quick release fuel cap, ACC adjustable rear sets and a Termignoni exhaust meaning it will stir the souls of not just the rider but everyone in the neighbourhood. It has 16,950km on the clock but somehow looks brand new. Much of this is down to the detailing that bikes on the Fire It Up floor receive meaning it is cleaner than when it was new. The motor is still perfect, the handling is still perfect and everything feels as good as when it first left a showroom. It can leave the showroom once more for a remarkable price of R129,888. That’s very little dosh for a track weapon of this calibre.

See the full gallery below.

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