Ducati Scrambler 1100: Like the last Scrambler only more mad


Story: Donovan Fourie


Manufacturers usually make promo videos for their new models, much like the one below. These videos need to showcase the model’s positive attributes while maintaining their social and corporate responsibilities. This means no breaking the law. Yet in the video below, there’s a hint of rebellion.

It’s a fictional storyline regarding bank robbery, but on two occasions we see the rider popping the clutch and briefly lifting the front wheel. On a public road. Tsk tsk tsk.

Good for them.

When Ducati launched the Scrambler a couple of years ago, it was built around these principles – retro styling, small size, simple and easy. Now it gets a little more complicated, but in a fun way.

The motor is the 1078cc air-cooled twin seen in the spectacular Hypermotard 1100. Some people might lift an eyebrow at the use of the word “spectacular” because there have been bikes faster, more powerful and far better handling the 1100 version of the Hyper, but anyone who has ever ridden this motorcycle will testify just how much fun it is.

Bikes like these are all about short squirts. They are for using around town and on breakfast runs, so equipping them with MotoGP racing engines is a tad pointless. This bike pushes a more low-key 86hp which is fun but is not going to snap any dynamometers in half. Where the fun really starts is with the 88Nm of torque that is makes through most of the rev range. That means that there is instant pick up from every part of the rev range. We imagine that this is what Ducati is hinting at with their risky wheelie.


There’s more to this bike than a big motor. Where the Scrambler Sixty2 and 800 are praised for their electronic simplicity, the 1100 has less of that. It has Bosch cornering ABS and traction control, two of the least simplest devices found on motorcycles today. It then obviously has a ride-by-wire throttle with rider modes.

But all this is fine because the sort of people that will ride the 1100 are very likely not going to be hippies, nor even hipsters. By the looks of this bike, they are going to be experienced motorcyclists wanting to do some serious riding.

18-04 SCRAMBLER 1100 YELLOWDucati say that it is physically beefier than the other two Scrambler models, which is hardly a problem because that is like saying a girl has a bit more meat than Kiera Knightley. The seat is cushier for both the rider and the passenger meaning longer rides are far more doable. This is helped further by a larger 15L tank.

Like the original 803 Scrambler, the 1100 comes in three models – the standard, the Special and the Sport.

Ducati Scrambler 1100 Special


The Special takes its cue from the world of customisation, with bling extras like black spoked wheels, chrome exhausts and aluminium mudguards. The grey paint job and brown seat is unique to this model as is the brushed swingarm and the gold forks. The handlebars are low slung and tapered.

Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport


This version looks like good fun. The paint job is black with yellow racing stripes. It doesn’t get more sporty than that.

To put a cherry on top, the suspension is by Ohlins and is fully adjustable, the wheels are aluminium, it has tapered bars and the seat has a dedicated lining.

We are not yet sure when these new 1100 Scramblers will be reaching showroom floors nor what the pricing will be. Below is the full photo gallery: